In cooperation with an architecture firm named FormAt Arkitektur in Gävle The meeting place was written; an investigative design essay and my Bachelor’s grad-job. The essay covers the subjects meeting, communication and recovery at the workplace. An investigation was made based on these questions:

• How could a restorative space be designed? • How could a meeting place and a place for communication be designed?

• How could a meeting place to get to know each other be designed?

Based on a creative process the investigation resulted in an interior design concept together with this piece of furniture. It was designed for a cafeteria belonging to a recently united corporate group named GFAB. 

My area of concern was a the last question and I designed this table in response to it. In the development of the table the visual connection between the people around the table was central. Flexibility in form of a module solution and  greenery in the table was important too. The plantations are to further extent a profitable factor for restoration by way of greenery. The goal was to design something which unites the employees at the work place. As eating and “fika” are social activities at work a dining table was interesting based on the need to unite the various employee.