Below you can see some of the projects produced during my education in Computer Graphics Design at YRGO in Gothenburg.



Below are some photographs showing projects produced during my previous studies; the Industrial Design Programme and Furniture Design and Crafts.



My name is Sofia Eriksson. I am a designer who has thrown myself into the 3D-world. I hold a strong passion for creativity, color, form, interior design and technology. With a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and experience in furniture crafts I now want be able to visualize projects in the most contemporary way possible. 




My current job is at the digital crafting CGI-company Industriromantik

Edithouse Film Works

Right now I work as a CG artist at the film production company Edithouse Film Works



In Spring I was an intern at the digital crafting CGI-company MFX who mostly visualize cars. 


This Fall I was at the digital crafting CGI-company Industriromantik, doing my first of two internships at my last year at YRGO. 



This Summer I worked as a graphic designer/animator for Snösvängen in Gothenburg. I produced both 3D and 2D-content in 3Ds Max/Vray, and the Adobe programmes AfterEffects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Computer Graphics Design, 400 Yh-points

Vocational University (YRGO) in Gothenburg

Furniture crafts

Grebbestad's Folk Highschool


FormAt Arkitektur

My grad-job was done in cooperation with an architectural firm named FormAt Arkitekur in Gävle. I had an external mentor from the firm who gave me guidance and insight in the architectural design process and methods. I designed a table for a specific location and its needs.


Industrial Design, Bachelor's degree 180 HP

University of Gävle

Art and design A, 30 HP

Uppsala University

2017 - 2019

Spring 2016

2013 - 2016

Spring 2013 

Summer 2018 

2016 - 2017

Fall 2018 

Spring 2019 

June 2019 - Dec 2019

January 2020 - present



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